Mick Citern Walsh

Irish Folk Singer Musician

I have been playing music from my early school years and this is my third album. Playing in sessions in Dublin and singing Irish folk songs led me to doing gigs in the 1970s in some of the most famous music venues. It was the time of the Ballad Boom and pubs like the Lower Deck, Embankment, Brazen Head and the Portobello, venues I used to play in with others. During these years I met with some of the best singers and musicians from whom I learnt a lot.

In 1988 I moved to Kilkenny and continued with the day job. Playing music at local venues at evening time soon became the norm again. John Cleere’s pub and theatre became my regular venue on Monday nights. Nowadays it is known as Kilkenny’s longest running trad session and I have been playing there for nearly 25 years. Other local musicians, singers and poets have been with me on these special nights. Tourists often come back to revisit us with fond memories from previous nights.

Both my children are singers and musicians and are on the new album. Meanwhile I will continue to play and sing my songs and maybe write a few more. Always feel free to contact me if you need any further information.